Dick Vitale calls LSU’s possible Dale Brown Court name change ‘absurd’


BATON ROUGE, La. — ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale did not hold back on his thoughts on LSU potentially changing the name of its court on Friday.

Last January, LSU named its basketball court Dale Brown Court after the former Tigers basketball coach who won 448 games and reached two Final Fours at LSU. But according to WAFB, a vote will be held among LSU’s Board of Supervisors on Feb. 10 to adjust the name of the court to include former LSU women’s basketball coach Sue Gunter.

“How ABSURD − in Louisiana the Governor wants to change the name of the LSU basketball court that was named DALE BROWN COURT in a dedication ceremony about a year ago,” Vitale wrote on Twitter. “This is wacky. Dale deserved the honor & it finally was affirmed & now UGLY POLITICS (are) involved.”


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