History of Black quarterbacks in NFL leading up to Super Bowl 57


The NFL season began with a record 11 Black starting quarterbacks.

It ends for the first time with two Black starting quarterbacks in the Super Bowl.

This Sunday’s meeting, though, between the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and Eagles’ Jalen Hurts wasn’t just a twist of fate. It was nearly inevitable because of the growing opportunities for Black quarterbacks.

Of the 23 Black quarterbacks who played at least a down this season, a record 20 started at least one game, according to USA TODAY analysis of Pro Football Reference data.

And many of those quarterbacks are playing at the NFL’s highest levels. Players of color claimed four of the top five spots in passer ratings this year. Two of those quarterbacks: Hurts and Mahomes. 

How Mahomes’ and Hurts’ 2022 statistics compare

To be sure, more quarterbacks who took snaps in the 2022 season are white, while players of color made up 69% of the league, according to the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida.

Of the 83 quarterbacks who took a snap this season, 58 were white, or 70%, according to USA TODAY analysis of Pro Football Reference data. In the 2021-22 season, 53, or 71%, were white. 


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