Joshua Jackson teases infamous bunny scene


Is every bunny safe in Paramount+’s upcoming “Fatal Attraction” series, adapted from the 1987 thriller?

Joshua Jackson, who stars in the new  series premiering April 30, dangled a carrot Monday at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour.

Jackson, 44, stars in the reimagining as Dan Gallagher, Amanda Peet as his wife, Beth,  and Lizzy Caplan as Alex Forrest (the character played by Glenn Close in the film), with whom Dan has an extramarital affair.

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Lizzy Caplan portrays Alex Forrest and Joshua Jackson plays Dan Gallagher in "Fatal Attraction" reimagining to premiere on Paramount+ in April.

In the Oscar-nominated film, Alex, scorned after their tryst, boils the bunny of Dan’s (Michael Douglas) daughter.  

Asked if the furry creature will reappear in the new series, Jackson teases, “There is a bunny …  there are things that boil.” 

Executive producer Alexandra Cunningham, who wouldn’t elaborate, explained her eight-episode version attempts “to represent all of the characters’ point of view, as opposed to just Dan and everyone’s angle on what happens. We’re spending a lot more time with Alex, and in her point of view, and exploring her thought process and perhaps what she wants to get out of all of this.” 

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Michael Douglas and Glenn Close starred in the 1987 feature "Fatal Attraction," which inspires the Paramount+ series.

Caplan, 40, said the original didn’t sit well with her when she rewatched it in preparation for the series. 

“I find it very difficult to watch the film in the way that I originally watched it.  The ’80s audience sees this as a very binary, black and white, villain vs. hero story,” she said. But “if you watch the movie again, I find it very, very difficult to see Alex as a straight villain, to not ask yourself the question as an audience member, ‘Well, what’s going on with her? And also, what about consequences for him?’ And it’s just the lens in which we view things now has altered so dramatically from the ’80s…” 


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